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  • Jul28

    Sound like your kind of ecology? Well, that’s the thought behind this cooler from Cascade made from 70% recycled cardboard. You can check out the full details and buy on their website. This is obviously a huge improvement over the old logo covered styrofoam day-at-the-lake stand-by, and is certainly far trendier… Although, I think I’ll stick to my 50yr. old Kamp Kold and keep one more thing out of any landfill or lake – biodegradable or not. I’m by far no expert on green living, so by all means use your living standards to guide you.

    I do, however, 100% agree on this idea for those of you looking for an option you won’t mind getting wasted and forgetting at that “friend of a friends” house and never seeing again. You’ll also look downright cool rolling up with something so ecologically responsible. This idea is something do-gooders of every commitment level can embrace, and I can certianly say if someone would think up more ways to save the planet by drinking beer, I could probably dedicate a good portion of my life to it… hell, there might even be a Nobel prize in my future!

    Stay Frosty,

    -The Chiclet Bandit